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DiscoPix Stop Motion Animation Production

We Make Animated Logo Videos using Stop motion!

Various Stop motion animation styles and designs

Color Blocks


Color Paper

Craft Items

Food (yum!)

Print Cutout

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Why Animate your Logo using Stop Motion?


Stop motion animation stands out of the massive amount of media your target audience is exposed to and in turn draws attention to your logo.


Stop motion is perceived as entertainment rather than an ad, increasing audience engagement and organic reach for your logo video


Logos are hard to remember without repetitive exposure over a long period of time. An animated stop motion video is unique and entertaining, so it is more memorable and impressions last for an extended period compared to that of logo images.

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Where is Stop Motion content most effective?

Company & brand logos

Brand logos are often overlooked when audiences are watching content. Due to it’s organic nature, a stop motion video clip draws attention and interest to your company and brand logos both as part of a video or on it’s own.

Social profiles & media channels

Social profiles and media channels are in constant competition over the audience’s attention. Since stop motion videos are less common they are far more memorable and entertaining – a clear advantage over competitors.

Websites and Blogs

Have the perfect content but can’t find the right media to both enhance your message and entertain your visitors? Stop motion videos can draw attention to your content and prolong visit duration simply by watching your animated logo video on the page.

So... what Logo we can animate for you?

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