We make awesome 2D animations
any story. any style. any budget

2d or not 2d?

We love making 2d animation of all kinds. Check out a few of our areas of expertise in producing 2d animated videos:

We’ll bring any image to life by animating it in your video, add dancers to your music or animate a full cast to tell your story

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We’ll make your message noticed, bring your lyrics to life and get your point across

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We’ll turn sounds into beautiful shapes and colors to capture your audience’s attention through both eyes and ears

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We’ll build up your story with artful suspense as we paint your message layer by layer

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Perfectly synchronized to your music

It’s no secret that audio-visual synchronization has a huge impact on audience attention and engagement. That’s why we’ve developed our own set of unique tools that allows us to synchronize all visual elements in your video to any audio source, from multi-track music to midi and notation, to produce¬† the most effective, attractive and enjoyable videos.

DiscoPix is a DAPSI Ltd. service what excels in producing creative media and social content.

We specialize in video production and video editing of online content, music video production, animated video production and more across all social media and online platforms

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