Music Video Post-Production Editing

The finishing touch that makes your music video stand out
Crossing The Finish Line:

Editing Music Videos in Post Production

Much like audio mastering in your music production service, your music video needs a final round of video editing to ensure it holds up to professional standards as well as performs well on different platforms and devices. Music video post production often includes creative adjustments that adds depth and mood, much like EQ and dynamics in music production, to bring out the engaging part of the video.

We provide a complete range of music video editing services for all of your post production needs:

Color And Style

Fix color and lighting differences while maintaining a consistent look with a clear image throughout your music video to get a professional look and style.

size and encoding

Adjust size and video file properties to match any request and perform well on any social network or video platform for maximum engagement and reach.

Audio visual effects

Translate the dynamics in your audio to visual changes in your music video for a stunning viewing experience that remains focused on your music.

Text and logo

Add your lyrics, band logo or a special call to action to your music video in a way that maintains the original style and aesthetics

Choose the perfect treatment

Make the most out of your investment based on what your music video is designated for.



3 min Music Video



3 min music video



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Frequently asked questions

Once you are done making your music video and you are please with the results, music video mastering will give the finishing touches to better perform on all platforms and devices, just like music mastering in audio.

Whether it’s submitting to blogs or posting on social networks, you only get one first impression with your target audience. After putting all the effort into producing your music and your music video, make sure you don’t get disappointing results due to minor technical issues.

Sure. One of the key benefits of working with human video editors is that you can communicate any idea or request you have in your own words. Whether it’s specific for one video or a whole album. 

For FX and dynamics we can analyze audio files, multi track audio, midi files, and most sequencer projects (Cubase, ProTools, Ableton, FLStudio, and more…). 

For video editing we’re happy to work with your existing video project files from Adobe Creative Cloud, Cyberlink PowerDirector, and more.

Contact us for specific requests.

Yes. We love working with labels, companies, and highly active artists and producers, and offer not only discounts but complete project tracking and constant communications. We aspire to be our client’s creative team when it comes to music related media production and music video.

Always! We need as many talent as we can get to supply the rate of music related media requests.

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if you believe you should be considered as a sponsored or demo artist for our videos

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