5 ways to improve your music video submission success rate

Repeat these 5 steps and you will improve your chances of getting your music video submission accepted to blogs, websites, and social networks.

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By Ben Ari

Promoting your music videos by submitting them online? there are a ton of tips and tricks available about how to find and appeal to various blogs, sites and social networks.

In this post I’d rather address the less covered, yet critical if not the most influential aspect that impacts your video submission’s chances of getting accepted:

making your music video 

the whole purpose of accepting music video submissions is finding interesting, relevant, and enjoyable content that will keep audiences engaged. In most cases the audience engagement is your only reward as well.  That’s what makes music video submission so popular – both parties share the same goal and reward.

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With that in mind, and assuming you already have a music video ready for submission, here are the 5 key points you can adjust in your music video post-production:

Adjust music video production quality

That’s right, your video quality has the most impact on your chances of being accepted, even more than your music. Luckily, unless the video has major issues, you can get significant improvements quickly and for a very low cost. 

As a musician you are probably familiar with the concept of mastering your music before you distribute it, and video has a very similar process that has the same result on the visual aspect.

If you are less experienced with professional video editing use a music video post production or editor service. You can get a professional music video edit for under 100$ per video, under 50$ if you just need a finishing touch. 

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Adjust your music production quality

It is a music video after all. Make sure your audio is well balanced and is heard clearly on different devices. As mentioned in the previous item, mastering your music is very common before attaching it to the video. Since replacing the sound track of your music video is a simple, easy and can be done for free with many apps and tools, you should consider improving the audio production quality once you are done adjusting the video quality. 

Increase platform coverage

There are more than a few formats to display video content online. Some social networks go further by requiring different formats for different video post types. Producing multiple music video versions that match different platforms will be an advantage when it’s time to consider your video submission.

You can increase your platform coverage in one of two ways, depending on your video submission strategy:

  1. Submitting your video to a small targeted list of destinations

Since you already know each of your potential destinations, take some type to note what types of video posts each of them commonly use, and which ones get the most engagement. These are the formats your music video submission target is looking for. Make sure you have a suitable version for each one of the submission destinations on your list.

  1. Submitting your video to a large or unknown list of destinations

Since making a version for each destination is not practical, a better approach would be preparing a music video version for each common video format in advance and offering links to the different versions in your music video submission request. 

When using 3rd party submission services such as fiverr you should supply these links or video sources to the service provider.

Improve your Call To Action

Does your music video contain a massive logo of your band? A stream of links to your different social network pages? 

Finding the balance between a clear way for the audience to find you if they wish to learn more, and keeping your music video as an entertaining piece on it’s own, can be challenging. As a rule of thumb, aspire to leave as much of the music video promotion free (aside from a small watermark), while providing basic information for potential fans to find you online. You could use your name, logo or website address in a few less intrusive but visible locations:

  • In the background of your video
  • On clothing displayed or worn in your video
  • As part of an interesting animation sequence
  • In the description area of the video of your video submission destination supports it.

Above all, keep your call to action easy to read and follow. You can incorporate your awesome graphics and designs into your music video, but keep your call to action simple and clear.

Refine your submission list

Once you have improved you music video quality and ensured it fits a wide array of video platforms, social networks, and websites, it’s time to improve on targeting your efforts. Reflect on your current submissions list:

  • Are you sending your music video to the right style, genre, and audience type of blogs and websites?
  • What additional websites, blogs, and social network pages share additional music videos like mine?
  • What are the top 10 video submission destinations I need to develop a direct relationship with?

Repeat these 5 steps and you will improve your chances of getting your video accepted and your music videos over time.

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